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David Herz

David Herz


I'm about Peace of Mind. I'm here so that you know whatever happens to you, your spouse, your children, your loved ones,

You are All taken care of.

The unexpected occurs every day. It will happen to you. I help you prepare for it so that there's only the unexpected, that there aren't untoward consequences compounding difficulty in hard times.

I got lucky. I had a father who kept strict accounts, and planned meticulously. When he died, the only thing we had to grieve was his passing. The rest just about took care of itself.

It's my commitment to share this luck with you, to ensure that your family stays strong, complete, and acknowledeged.

I've seen too many cases where a little bit of planning could have saved a world of heartache. My job is to make sure you do that little bit of planning so that your family stays whole, and carries on the traditions you have left them.

The Process:

  • You Set Your Direction. We'll talk and determine:
    • what will work for you?
    • who gets to control what,
      and when?
    • who makes decisions when you can't?
  • We'll Implement. You, I, or We will
    • contact appropriate agents.
    • retitle assets as appropriate
    • continue monitorring.
    • make changes as your circumstances change.

Let us Talk

Please be advised that scheduling does not form an attorney-client relationship. That will only be formed when, and if, we actually sign a written retainer agreement establishing our responsibilities toward each other.

Easy to Find

We are right across the street from the entrance to Beardsley Park in Bridgeport. In the interest of safety, we ask you please
Do not stop in without an appointment.