David R. Herz
legal marketing,
and so much more

Helping You turn Practice into Business!

The Process:

  1. Set Your Direction
    • what work will you do?
    • how many days a week?
    • how much are you going to earn?
  2. Set a Plan
    • what are your key performance indicators?
    • what do you need to do to hit them?
    • how are you going to stay on track?
  3. Implement
    • set them in your calendar
    • create an accountability system
    • GO!


We exchange a valuable resource–usually a checklist that gives our prospect some clarity with his special problem–for a prospects' e-mail address.

Then, we come back and give value, again and again, until our prospect is ready for our kind of service.

And when our prospect is, he will naturally turn to us. We have been the trusted resource. And we're the easiest to reach. There's been an e-mail from us at the same time every week, and there will be another one in the next few days.

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